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Photometry – LEDs & Modules

Prizmatix Optiblocks are an ideal way to implement the optical part of a Photmetry Systems. The rigid Lego style modules are prealigned and save much time and headache compared to cage systems. Easy to configure and reconfigure, Prizmatix Optiblock modules, include beam combiners, light sources, fiber couplers and more. With standard SM1 threading it is easy to install filters and other optical components and integrate with parts from other vendors .

Prizmatix cannot help with the design and choices of LEDs and filters. Please visit our spectra viewer page for assistance (Hint: The Dual LED Fluorescence Viewer is similar to a typical photometry set up).


  • Prizmatix Beam Combiner
    $790.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Beam Combiner
    The Beam combiner is used to merge two or more Prizmatix LED outputs in a multi-wavelength LED Systems. A built-in dichroic mirror at a specific cut-off wavelength reflects the shorter wavelength and transmits the longer...
  • Mic-LED heads
    $640.00 Choose Options Prizmatix High Power Microscope LED Head
    The Prizmatix High Power Microscope-LED Head is included in the High Power Microscope LED Light Source but can also be purchased individually here. It is available in a full range of wavelength, and includes your...
  • BLCC-04 Mic-LED Current controller
    $870.00 Prizmatix Low Noise Benchtop Mic-LED Current-Controller
    The Prizmatix BLCC-04 Current Controller is used to power Prizmatix High Power Microscope LEDs (Mic-LED). This Product is included in the High Power Microscope LED Light Source but can also be purchased individually...
  • High NA Plastic Optical Fiber Optic Patch Cord
    $135.00 Choose Options High NA Plastic Optical Fiber Optic Patch Cord
    Prizmatix High NA Plastic Optical Fibers are optimal for use with Prizmatix Fiber Coupled LEDs Available in:500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000um NA =0.5500, 1000, 1500um NA=0.63 Note: A fiber with NA of 0.63 will deliver 58%...
  • Prizmatix Fiber Coupling Adaptor
    $240.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Fiber Coupling Adaptor
    The Fiber Coupler Adapter (FCA) makes any of the Prizmatix collimated LEDs into a fiber coupled light source. Used in reverse at the distal end of a fiber the FCA acts as a collimator with a 1” beam. The...