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Prizmatix Optogenetics Fiber For In-Vitro Stimulation

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This single fiber has a thin stainless steel tip at its distal end and a high NA 200μm (standard) fiber protruding from the tip for several millimeters. The stainless steel tip enables anchoring the fiber to a micromanipulator for precise movement and spatial location control. This way the stainless steel tip should not obscure the image under the microscope the polished bare fiber protrudes from the tip for several millimeters, improving the positioning accuracy of the fiber over the target under the objective.

Available Fibers:

Core Diameter

Outer Diameter

Numerical Aperture (NA)


100μm 117μm 0.37 Silica
100μm 117μm 0.66 Silica
200μm 225μm 0.66 Silica
250μm 275μm 0.66 Silica


0.63 POF


NOTE: This product is no longer recommended. Click here for our newly designed In-Vitro Fiber with replaceable tips.

Key Features

  • High NA Optical Fiber NA: 0.66, 0.63 or 0.37
  • Core Diameters of 100μm 200μm (recommended), 250 μm, 500μm (POF)
  • Choice of SMA or FC/PC connectors
  • Fiber length as required (usually 1-1.5 meters)
  • Stainless steel tip length: 10-60mm
  • Fiber protruding length: 1-10mm

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