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Prizmatix Dual Wavelength UHP-T Microscope LED System

Two Channel UHP-T-DI
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The modular design of Prizmatix LEDs enables users to configure their system with the functionality they need now, while allowing future expandability.

This Dual Wavelength UHP-T-DI Microscope LED Light Source is comprised of two Ultra High Power (UHP-T-DI) LEDs combined with a Beam Combiner module into a single output. The system can either be mounted on the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope, to a Liquid Light Guide, or to a  Fiber-Coupler Adapter.

The LEDs can be separated any time into two independent light sources, each capable of being used as a microscope or fiber-optic source. Additional adapters can be purchased separately.

Analog Input option allows for external control of intensity using a 0-5v analog signal.

Contact us for assistance in choosing components for the configuration that best fits your current requirement.

Key Features

  • Modular Components
  • High Power density
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10 turns potentiometer
  • Isolated (opto-coupler) TTL external modulation input
  • Instant warm up time
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Speckle free


  • Microplate or Petri Dish Illumination
  • Optogenetics: Photostimulation of Channelrhodopsin ChR1, ChR2 Halorhodopsin (NhPR)
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Whole body imaging of small animals in-vivo
  • Photo activation (PA) and uncaging
  • Fluorescence recovery after photo bleach (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Bio analysis
  • Machine Vision

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