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Prizmatix Dual Wavelength Microscope LED System

Two Channel Mic-LED System


The Dual Wavelength Microscope LED Light Source is an affordable solution for two channel fluorescence excitation (in upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes).

It is comprised of two Microscope LEDs combined with a Beam Combiner module into a single output and is available in any combination of our a full range of wavelength.

The system can either be mounted on the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope, to a Liquid Light Guide, or to a Fiber-optic Adapter.

The LED controllers' controller’s advanced electronics include a low noise (<0.03% RMS) LED driver, fast TTL (50kHz) switching, a precision ten turn dial and opto-isolated TTL and analog inputs for power control. The optional USB interface enables computer control via popular software such as uManager, Metamorph and Labview. API is available from Prizmatix.

The LEDs can be separated any time into two independent light sources, each capable of being used as a microscope or fiber-optic source. Additional adapters can be purchased separately.

Technical information: Prizmatix Product Page
                                           Power Output Table

Download Spec Sheet: pdf-small.gifMicroscope-led-Series PDF

All LED components and accessories can also be purchased individually.

Please feel free to contact our sales consultants for assistance. 

Key Features

  • Modular Components
  • High Power density
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10 turns potentiometer
  • Isolated (opto-coupler) TTL external modulation input
  • Instant warm up time
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Speckle free


  • Optogenetics: Photostimulation of Channelrhodopsin ChR1, ChR2 Halorhodopsin (NhPR)
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Whole body imaging of small animals in-vivo
  • Photo activation (PA) and uncaging
  • Fluorescence recovery after photo bleach (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Bio analysis
  • Machine Vision

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