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  • UHPTLCC LED Current Controller
    $1,050.00 Prizmatix Benchtop UHP-T Current-Controller
    NOTE: This product is a legacy product. Consider the newer UHPTLCC-02 The Prizmatix UHPTLCC Current Controller is used to power Prizmatix UHP-T LEDs. This Product is included in the UHP-T and UHP-T-EP...
  • BLCC-04 Mic-LED Current controller
    $950.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Low Noise Benchtop Mic-LED Current-Controller
    The Prizmatix BLCC-04 Current Controller is used to power Prizmatix High Power Microscope LEDs (Mic-LED). This Product is included in the High Power Microscope LED Light Source but can also be purchased individually...
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED Controller
    $875.00 Choose Options Prizmatix UHPTLCC-02 Benchtop Current Controller for UHP-T LEDs
    The Prizmatix UHPTLCC-02 Current Controller works with all Prizmatix UHP-T type LEDs. This controller is included in the UHP-T and UHP-T-EP LED Systems. It can be purchased individually here. Available in three...