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Goldstone is the exclusive North American representative of Prizmatix Ltd. and Lumiworks Photonics, manufacturers of high power LED systems.The Goldstone Scientific web store makes it easy to find product information and get pricing of completely configured LED systems, modules and accessories. Use our product detail pages to customize systems, order online, request a quote or just to learn about Prizmatix and Lumiwork products.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your application. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you choose the best and most cost efficient solution for your specific needs.

We can also assist in semi-custom solutions when our standard products are not quite right. OEM customers are welcome to discuss our OEM products that are not featured on this webstore.

About Prizmatix

Prizmatix™ is a leading supplier of Ultra-High-Power LED illumination systems for microscopy and Optogenetics, as well as other scientific and OEM applications. Prizmatix™ offers modular multifunction LED light sources, including multi-wavelength, fiber coupled, and collimated light sources. From Ultra Violet (UV) to near IR we can supply extremely powerful and versatile LED light sources for fluorescent imaging, chemical activation, uncaging, Optogenetics and other demanding applications.

About Lumiworks Photonics

Lumiworks Photonics manufactures advanced LED light sources for industrial applications. Based on Prizmatix technology and know-how, Lumiworks products use the most advanced LEDs built into robust industrial grade equipment. For UV inspection, curing or machine vision, speak to our sales consultant to help find the solution for your industrial application.

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