How to Order from Goldstone Scientific?

There are 3 easy ways to order from Goldstone Scientific:

  1. Online checkout for credit cards or purchase orders
  2. Request a formal price quote for a PO: Using the checkout, choose the Request a Quote option. We will send you a price quote for the items in your cart.
  3. Give us a call at (248) 424-9390

Frequently asked questions 


Q:  I need help choosing the right equipment. How can I get assistance? 
A:  Our knowledgeable sales consultants will be happy to discuss the details of your requirement and make recommendations or suggest customized solutions. Use the online chat, call us at 248-424-9390 or email your questions to For face-to-face assistance, request a Zoom meeting via the chat window.

Q:  Where can I find the latest datasheets and users manuals? 
A:  The Prizmatix website has spectral and power data for their products. On each of the product pages on our webstore you will find a link to the Prizmatix website page with full technical information, including downloadable data and dynamic spectra viewers.

User Manuals can be found on the Prizmatix Technical Documents page.

For more resources visit our Resource page. You will find links to the Prizmatix YouTube channel, spectra viewer tools and even a searchable database of research papers.

Q:  How much power will be at the end of my fiber optic? 
A:  The answer will depend on several factors; the core diameter and NA of the fiber you want to use, and the wavelength and strength of the LED device. We have numerous options with a wide range of power levels and costs. Contact us for assistance and for an estimate of the power you can expect with various systems.

Q:  Can I get a demo of your products? 
A:  Possibly. Our engineers will evaluate your application to determine the best product and likelihood that a demo will be succesful. A conditional purchase, rental or demo unit will be offered depending on the circumstances.  Contact us to request a demo.


Q:  What is the lead time? 
A:  Lead time varies. Orders with no custom built fibers generally ship in less than a week. Systems with advanced features, or orders with lot of fiberoptics will take longer. Let us know if you need your order expedited. Contact us to get current lead times.

Q:  Is my purchase warrantied? 
A:  Yes. Click here to see Prizmatix warranty policy.


Q:  Where will my order ship from and why is the shipping so expensive? 
A:  Prizmatix systems will ship directly from the Prizmatix production facility in Israel. Prizmatix ships FedEx International Priority and orders will generally arrive within 3-4 days of shipping. Imports into the USA are generally duty free and there is no sales tax. Shipments containing LED light sources are often subject to a $20-30 FDA fee to review the allow the shipment to enter the country. This fee is invoiced by FedEx and passed on to the FDA.

The shipping fee covers shipping only. Any import fees, customs if applicable are the customers responsibility. FedEx Trade Networks is the default customs broker for incoming FedEx shipments and does not charge brokerage fees. 


Prizmatix can also ship with your FedEx or UPS account. Please note that shipping charges on your account may be significantly higher than our ship by weight charge. See more below.

Fiber optics supplies and some accessories are usually in stock and ship from our US office. Chat with us to determine if the USA office has what you need in stock.

Q:  Can you ship using my FedEx or UPS account? 
A:  Yes. For complete systems and custom fiberoptics shipping from Israel, this is not recommended as prepaid shipping charges will be much less costly.

To ship on your own account; Choose Ship on Customer Account as the shipping method. Put your shipping account information and service level in the order comments. Prizmatix will ship international priority if you do not specify any other level. Please note that shipping charges on your account may be significantly higher than our ship by weight charge.