How to Order from Goldstone Scientific?

There are 3 easy ways to order from Goldstone Scientific:

  1. Online checkout for credit cards or purchase orders
  2. Request a formal price quote for a PO: Using the checkout, choose the Request a Quote option. We will send you a price quote for the items in your cart.
  3. Give us a call at (248) 424-9390

Frequently asked questions 


Q:  I need help choosing the right equipment. How can I get assistance? 

A:  Our knowledgeable sales consultant will be happy to discuss the details of your requirement and make recommendations or suggest customized solutions. Email your questions to or call 248-436-8085 for assistance.

Q:  Where can I find the latest datasheets and users manuals? 
A:  Prizmatix Technical Documents page has the latest data sheets, user manuals, brochures and more. You can even access a searchable database of research papers. Also check out the links in the item description to the manufacturer’s website. Most of the technical information can be found there.

Q:  How much power will be at the end of my fiber optic? 
A:  The answer will depend on a number of factors; the core diameter and NA of the fiber you want to use, and the wavelength and strength of the LED device. We have numerous options with a wide range of power levels and costs. Contact us for assistance and for an estimate of the power you can expect with various systems.

Q:  Can I get a demo of your products? 
A:  Very Often. Our engineers will evaluate your application to determine the best product and likelihood that a demo will be succesful. A conditional purchase, rental or demo unit will be offered depending on the circumstances.  Contact us to request a demo.


Q:  What is the lead time? 
A:  Lead time varies. Orders with no custom built fibers generally ship in 1-2 weeks. Customized orders or orders with lot of fiberoptics will take longer. Let us know if you need your order expedited. Contact us to get current lead times.

Q:  Is my purchase warrantied? 
A:  Yes. Click here to see Prizmatix warranty policy.


Q:  Where will my order ship from and why is the shipping so expensive? 
A:  Prizmatix equipment will ship directly from the Prizmatix production facility in Israel. Prizmatix ships FedEx International Priority, and will generally arrive within 2-3 days of shipping. We can ship with your FedEx or UPS account. Imports into the USA are generally duty free and there is no sales tax.

Q:  Can you ship using my FedEx or UPS account? 
A:  Sure, call in or make a note of your shipping account information and we will not charge for shipping.