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Microwell Plate and Petri Dish Illumination

Prizmatix offers two solutions to deliver intense light over an entire microwell plate or Petri dish for fluorescence, Optogenetics or photoactivation.

  1. Not in an incubator - The Prizmatix UHP-T-MP LED is built with single rectangular Ultra High Power LED it delivers homogenous intense light over an entire microwell plate or Petri dish.

  2. Inside an Incubator - The UHP-F model for light guide equipped with a collimator and right angle reflector. The LLG is placed through the incubator access port and all the electronics are kept outside of the incubator. Our right angle collimator reflector delivers uniform light downwards toward the sample, saving space inside of the incubator.

Contact us for advanced options such as power stabilization or multi-Wavelength systems.

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