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Ultra High Power Illuminator System for Incubators

  • UHP-F Light guide coupled LED
  • UHP-F Back Panel
  • CTRL-F - Control unit for UHP-F (optional)
  • LLG5-REFL - Reflected Collimator for Light Guide
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UHP-F Incubator System


Delivering intense light inside of lab incubators and environmental chambers is a challenge. Prizmatix provides and elegant solution using Light-Guide coupled Ultra High Power LED via the incubator access port keeping the delicate electronics out of the humid environment. A unique collimator/reflector/focuser combination delivers light downward in a uniform beam.

The reflector keeps the light guide straight ensuring uniformity, and close to the top of the chamber keeping space requirement at a minimum and increasing the spot size.
The optional power dial is removable, and the device remembers the last setting. This allows the power level to be calibrated to the required level with no worry that the level may be accidentally changed later on.

The optional USB interface allows you to control the LED with Prizmatix software and is compatible with software packages such as MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, LabView, or any software that can send HyperTerminal commands.

Typical working distance using 5mm LLG and focuser:

Target Working distance WD from top of reflector
Standard Microwell Plate 29cm 35cm
Two Microwell Plates side by side 37cm 43cm
Four Microwell Plates 61cm 67cm
Large Petri Dish 29cm 35cm



The following components are included in this system.

  • UHP-F Ultra High Power, light guide coupled LED light source*
  • CTRL-F - Control unit for UHP-F (optional)
  • LLG-5 - Liquid light guide 5mm core, 1.5m length
  • LLG5-REFL- Reflector attachment for LLG-5 light guide. Includes collimating optics and a 90 degree UV compatible mirror
  • Focuser Optic for microwell plate or Petri Dish
  • USB Interface Box (Optional) – Includes Software for Windows. Compatible with MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, LabView, Matlab, and other software that can send HyperTerminal commands.
  • RS232 Interface Box (Optional) - Operate with Win based software via RS232 link

*To be used only with supplied light guide.

Key Features

  • Ultra High Power LED
  • Durable 5mm Light Guide
  • Uniform illumination for 1, 2 or even 4 microwell plates at once
  • Removable Power Dial, Unit remembers last setting
  • Optically isolated TTL and analog input
  • Remote control by I2C protocol or via USB, Rs232 (optional)
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)


  • Photoactivation
  • Optogenetics
  • Phototoxicity Studies

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