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The accessories are used to combine multiple LEDs and determine how the light is delivered.

Your LED can be directly mounted on a microscope using a microscope adapter or coupled to a light guide or fiber. Other accessories such as our filter wheel or beam switcher add functionality to your system. Our Optiblock system ensures that the final assembly is solidly built and perfectly aligned.


  • Reflected Collimator for Light Guide
    $750.00 Choose Options Reflected Collimator for Light Guide
    Description Delivering intense light inside of lab incubators and environmental chambers is a challenge. Prizmatix provides an elegant solution using Ultra High Power LEDs for Light guide and this special...
  • Prizmatix Beam Combiner
    $937.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Beam Combiner
    The Beam Combiner is used to merge two or more Prizmatix LED outputs in a multi-wavelength LED Systems. A built-in dichroic mirror at a specific cut-off wavelength reflects the shorter wavelength and transmits the longer...
  • Microscope Adaptor
    $98.00 Choose Options Microscope Adaptor
    Adaptor to connect any Prizmatix Microscope LED light sources or Beam Combiner to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope. Available for: Nikon Zeiss Olympus and Leica   Compatible...
  • $280.00 Choose Options One Inch Basic Collimator for Light Guide
    This 1 inch collimator can be used to collimate light from a Liquid Light Guide. A Collimator is used to keep the output of the light guide from diverging by expanding the beam and making it more parallel. To learn...
  • Liquid Light Guide XYZ adjustable Collimator
    $632.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Liquid Light Guide XYZ Collimator
      XYZ adjustable collimator for a Liquid Light Guide (LLG). This product includes an adaptor for the epi-illumination port of a fluorescence microscope of your choice. Compatible with Prizmatix Optiblock...
  • Prizmatix Liquid Light Guide
    $480.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Liquid Light Guide
    Description This flexible Liquid Light Guide is used to conduct light from a large LED emitter to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope. This is useful when it is not practical to mount the LED directly on to the...
  • $305.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Liquid Light Guide Adaptor
    The Liquid Light Guide Adaptor (LLG-A) makes it possible to couple any Prizmatix Microscope LED into a Liquid Light Guide (LLG).  It can be easily assembled by the user on the LED output.  The LLG adaptor can...
  • Attached to microscope adapter and fiber
    $1,079.00 Prizmatix Beam Switcher
    The Beam Switcher is a convenient accessory which allows for dual use of LED light sources. It can be used in two different ways: It can be installed on a microscope and used to instantly switch between microscope...
  • Prizmatix Filter Wheel
    $861.00 Filter Wheel Module for Microscope and Fiber Coupled LEDs
    The Filter Wheel Accessory holds up to six filters, and is used to narrow the spectral emission of Prizmatix Ultra High Power (UHP) LED light sources. It is especially useful for Prizmatix UHP-T White LEDs, and can...
  • Prizmatix Fiber Coupling Adaptor
    $283.00 Choose Options Prizmatix Fiber Coupling Adaptor
    The Fiber Coupler Adapter (FCA) makes any of the Prizmatix collimated LEDs into a fiber coupled light source. Used in reverse at the distal end of a fiber the FCA acts as a collimator with a 1” beam. The...