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Two Inch Collimator & Focuser for Liquid Light Guide

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This special 2 inch collimator can be used to collimate light from a Liquid Light Guide. An optional focusing optic delivers a sharp uniform spot of light at a distance. The optional focusers are fixed focus lenses that magnify and project an image of the light guide tip for excellent uniformity. 

The optional focusing lenses come in a variety of focal lengths to meet spot size and working distance requirements. Use the table below to see some of the available choices. Contact us for assistance in finding the best combination of lenses for your requirement.

Spot Size and Working Distances of Optional Focuser with 5mm Light Guide

P/N Focal Length Spot Size Working Distance
FOC-C 2-250 250mm ~30mm ~19 cm
FOC-C 2-200 200mm ~32mm 17.5cm
FOC-C 2-175 175mm ~21.5mm 16cm
FOC-C 2-150 150mm ~18mm 14cm
FOC-C 2-125 125mm >12mm 8.5cm

Note: Distances are typical and approximate and will vary based on wavelengths. For larger beam and lower divergence consider our 3” collimator.

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