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Prizmatix UHP-T White LED System for Fluorescence Microscopy

  • UHP-T-LED Collimated LED
  • UHP-T-LED with Fiber Adaptor
  • UHP-T-LED with Lightguide Adaptor
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED Controller
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED current controller back panel
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED current controller back panel with cables
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UHP-T-W System

Prizmatix UHP-T White LEDs are ideal for general fluorescence microscopy. Advanced driver electronics embedded in the LED head eliminate electromagnetic noise and make these LEDs ideal for use inside Faraday enclosures.

Click Here to compare spectral properties of the available color tempratures. (Note: Effective emitting area of UHP-T-DI models is 9 square mm, UHP-T-SR is ~2 square mm.)

All of Prizmatix collimated LEDs are modular. Use the beam combiner modular to make a multi-wavelength source, which can be configured to deliver light via a microscope adapter, fiber coupler adapter or liquid light guide adapter. Click here to see all available accessories.

The Prizmatix UHPTLCC-02 current controller contains advanced electronics for control of any UHP-T series LED and includes TTL input for on/off and options for analog (0-5v) or USB intensity control. The USB option is compatible with popular software packages, such as uManager, Metamorph, Matlab and Labview. API is available from Prizmatix.

For a full spectrum source including UV to replace mercury and other lamps – See UHP-M LED.

Optical Specifications: UHP-T-DI SeriesUHP-T-SR Series

Controller Information: UHPTLCC-02 Series

Technical Details: Prizmatix Product Page
Download Spec Sheetspdf-small.gifUHP-T-DI LEDs


The following components are included in this System. The LED head and Current Controller can also be purchased individually.

Key Features

  • Single square Ultra High Power LED chip (Not a LED array)
  • Analog input (0-5V) for LED power control by 0-5v input. (Basic analog controller only)
  • Optional Digital Controller with USB Interface, 12 bit DAC, 4096 steps power control.
  • Optically isolated Analog input (0-5V) for LED power control by 0-5v input
  • LED spectrum can be narrowed by optional band pass filters or filter wheel
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Computer via popular software, Labview, uManager, Metamorph or Software API (USB version)
  • Stable precisely adjustable power
  • Instant On/Off. Lifespan unaffected by frequent on/off cycling


  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • In-Vitro Optogenetics
  • Microplate illumination, Petri dish illumination
  • Whole body imaging of small animals
  • Bio analysis
  • Machine Vision
  • OEM

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  1. Great illumination source 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2016

    My research group has been using the Prizmatix ultra high power LEDs for 3 years and have been very pleased with them. Our work focusing on developing new approaches to cytometry using microscopy, and towards this we have had to build our own custom microscopy systems. A crucial requirement was to cover the visible spectrum with a bright illumination source. Traditional approaches using laser sources was outside of our budget. In our experience, the single-color LEDs were incredibly bright (high irradiance), uniform, and when used together illuminate over the visible spectrum. Due to our positive experience with the single-color LEDs, we have purchased a white LED to simply our illumination setup. For us, and our collaborators, the Prizmatix UHP LEDs were a great investment overall.