UHP-M UV-Visible Dual LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy

  • UHP-M-Illuminator
  • UHP-M side view
  • UHP-M Console
  • UHP-M USB interface


Prizmatix UHP-M Dual-LED light engine is designed to substitute the Mercury and Xenon lamps in routine fluorescence microscopy applications.

Combining an Ultra-High-Power Broadband White LED and a High-Power 365nm UV LED it offers extremely high power for most popular fluorescent dyes.

Totally self-contained with all necessary driver electronics and thermal management built in and no moving parts the UHP-M offer superior illumination, simple integration and advanced features. No special controller box is required to operate the light-engine if used at maximum power. Besides standard TTL and analog inputs, the optional digital console and USB-Interfaces enable a full range of control configurations

Technical Details: Prizmatix product page 

Download spec sheetpdf-small.gif UHP-M 


The following components are included in this system.

  • UHP-M -Dual Ulta High Power LED head comprising of White and UV LEDs
  • UHP-M-Console - Digital two channel controller with display (optional)
  • UHP-M-USB – USB interface for computer control (optional)
  • Power adaptor and power cord
  • Microscope Adaptor of your choice

Key Features

  • Uniform Illumination from a single large chip Ultra High Power Broadband White LED. No diffuser needed as with LED arrays
  • Uniform UV illumination from single High Power UV LED
  • Optically Isolated fast TTL and Analog Inputs for each channel
  • Low optical noise, No Shutter needed
  • Large heatsink for fan free thermal management
  • Optional Console enables convenient power adjustment
  • Vibration free, no moving parts. Optional detached fan for applications requiring extra cool operation 
  • Each LED has independent adjustable focus
  • Easy integration with popular software packages like uManager, LabView, Matlab etc. via optional USB-Interface
  • Long life (no lamp replacement required)


  • Routine microscopy and cell culture microscopy
  • Bio-instrumentation

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