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Prizmatix Ultra High Power Light Guide Coupled White Light LED for Routine & Fluorescence Microscopy

  • UHP-F-White
  • UHP-G Back Panel
  • CTRL-F - Control unit for UHP-F (optional)
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The Prizmatix UHP-F-White is an Ultra High Power broad spectrum white LED coupled to a liquid light guide for use with epi-fluorescence microscopes or any application requiring intense white light through a light guide.

Package includes an Ultra High Power white LED light source, Light Guide and convenient one-turn dial. No other controller is required. LED may be operated without the dial, and remembers its last setting. A collimator and microscope adapter are optional.

Features include advanced low noise driver and optically isolated TTL and Analog inputs

Recommended Configurations:

  • 3mm LLG - For routine fluorescence microscopy and cell culture microscopy at higher magnification
  • 5mm LLG - For macrofluorescence microscopy and cell culture microscopy at lower  magnification

Power Output

  High CRI 5700K 6500K
3mm LLG 1.2 Watt 3.3 Watt 2.0 Watt
5mm LLG 2.0 Watt 4.0 Watt 3.5 Watt

Alternative Products:
The UHP-F is also available in UV, Violet, Blue- NIR
For more demanding applications directly mounted UHP and UHP-T LEDs.

Optical Specifications:
Power Output Table for 5mm LLG
Power Output Table for 3mm LLG

Technical Details: Prizmatix product page

Download spec sheetpdf-small.gif UHP-F-White


The following components are included in this system.

  • UHP-F-White - Ultra High Power, light guide coupled, White LED light source*
  • CTRL-F - Control unit for UHP-F (optional)
  • Power adaptor and power cord
  • LLG-3/5 - Liquid light guide 3mm/5mm core, 1.5m length
  • Optional: Adjustable or Simple Collimator (with or without a microscope adaptor)

*To be used only with supplied light guide.

Key Features

  • Single chip Ultra High Brightness LED
  • Optically isolated TTL and analog input
  • Fast TTL switching
  • Low optical noise
  • Remote control by I2C protocol
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)


  • Routine microscopy
  • Cell culture microscopy
  • Macrofluorescence microscopy

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