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Optogenetics/Electrophysiology- Collimated LEDs

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pdf-small.gif Light Sources for Optogenetics Experiments

LEDs are excellent light sources for Optogenetics experiments. Prizmatix LEDs are extremely powerful, and are designed to be used in fiber coupled format for in-vivo and in-vitro applications, in free space collimated beams for microscope applications, or both.

Prizmatix LED systems are modular. This allows researcher to expand their light sources by adding additional colors and light delivery methods as their research needs change.

The LEDs systems in this category are all "electrophysiology friendly", and do not need any shielding or grounding to be used in EP rigs. Click on Fluorescence Microscopy Light Sources for other microscopy applications.

Optogenetics is a quickly changing field, with new opsins being developed all the time. Please contact our sales consultants if you do not see a system that meets your requirements.