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Prizmatix USB PulserPlus TTL Pulse Generator

  • PulserPlus


The Prizmatix USB PulserPlus  with its user friendly software is an easy way to generate trains of pulses for Optogenetics activation directly from your computer.

The PulserPlus device has advanced features over our standard Pulser including stand alone operation and Trigger Out.

The Pulser TTL-Out output is used to trigger Prizmatix LED light sources to produce light pulses fin Optogenetic and other applications

The Trigger-In input enables synchronization of Optogenetics activation with various experimental events.

The Trigger-Out output enables further activation of additional devices after pulse train was completed. 

Technical Details: Prizmatix product page

Download Spec Sheet:pdf-small.gif Prizmatix Pulser

Key Features

  • Single or Bi-phasic pulse Trains
  • Trigger-in input enables synchronization with various experimental events
  • Trigger-Out output enables activation of other devices after completion of pulse train sequence.
  • Pulser settings can be stored into a file to enable fast switch between various protocols.
  • Log-File can be created to record experiment activities.
  • No external power supply required (uses USB power for operation)
  • Stand-alone operation mode enables Pulser to operate without computer. The power is supplied by USB power adaptor
  • Control up to 8 Prizmatix Optogenetics-LEDs with a single Pulser device using BNC-T connectors
  • Independent time base by internal microcontroller
  • Easy control from LabVIEW, MATLAB or any HyperTerminal-like software capable of sending and receiving simple ASCII commands over serial COM port (API provided)
  • Four Operation modes:
    • Don’t use trigger input
    • Use trigger for single sequence
    • Use trigger, perform sequence and wait for next trigger
    • Use trigger, perform sequence during trigger high

Pulser vs. PulserPlus Comparison

   Pulser PulserPlus
 Sequence Settings  ♦   ♦ 
 Train Settings  ♦   ♦ 
 Group Settings  ♦   ♦ 
 Trigger In Settings  ♦   ♦ 
 Trigger Out Settings  -   ♦ 
 Stand-Alone Operation  -   ♦ 
 Settings Files  ♦   ♦ 
 Log Files  ♦   ♦ 



  • Activation of opsins in Optogenetics 
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • General laboratory use

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  1. great product, easy to use 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2021

    This is a versatile and easy to use product (with easy to use software) to TTL-based synching. We are using it to synch two computers, and it will come in handy for future opto triggering and more