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Prizmatix Fiber Coupled Dual Optogenetic-LED

  • Optogenetics-LED-Dual
  • Optogenetics-LED-Dual with fibers
  • Optogenetics-LED-Dual with fibers
  • Optogenetics-LED-Dual Back Panel
  • Optogenetics-LED-Dual Front Panel


The Prizmatix Optogenetics-LED-Dual features two independent LED channels, designed to provide high power light to activate opsins in Optogenetics experiment with freely moving animals. 

Each channel is capable in of providing powerful light pulses to single or bilateral fiberoptic implants. Each channel can be triggered independently or in tandem using TTL pulses and has independent intensity control.

The Optogenetics-LED-Dual is available in any combination of the following wavelengths*:

  • Violet: (~405nm) over 190mw/mm^2
  • Blue: (~455nm) over 350mw/mm^2
  • Green: (~520nm) over 120mW/mm^2
  • Yellow: (~595nm) over 80mW/mm^2
  • Orange-Red: (~625nm) over 250mW/mm^2
  • Deep Red: (~655nm) over 120mW/mm^2

*Other wavelengths from 365nm to Near Infrared, are available by request.

Technical Details: 
OG-LED-VioletOG-LED-BlueOG-LED-GreenOG-LED-YellowOG-LED-Orange-Red or OG-LED-Deep-Red

Download Spec Sheets
 OG-LED-Violet pdf-small.gif OG-LED-Blue pdf-small.gif OG-LED-Green pdf-small.gif OG-LED-Yellow pdf-small.gif OG-LED-Orange-Red pdf-small.gif OG-LED-Deep-Red

Key Features

  • High power density (at Blue >350 mW/mm2 ) at implant tip following Rotary Joint and all connections
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10-turns potentiometer for each channel 
  • Isolated (optocoupler) TTL external modulation input
  • Analog input (0-5V) for power control
  • Instant warm up time

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