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Optogenetics-LED-STSI: Fiber Coupled Dual LED light source for Stimulation and Silencing at Same Fiber

  • Optogenetics-LED-STSI


The Prizmatix Optogenetics-LED-STSI is a powerful fiber coupled pulsed LED light source designed to provide high power light for Optogenetics Stimulation / Silencing to the same neural structure in freely moving animals.

This Optogenetics LED contains two independent internal LED Lights of different colors which are combined into a single SMA output. Each light is capable of providing powerful light pulses of up to >220mW/mm2, triggered by external TTL input.

The Optogenetics-LED-STSI system enables bilateral activation / inhibition with single device and single one-channel rotary joint for significant cost saving and without compromising power at implant tip.

The STSI-Optogenetics-LED is available in any combination of the following wavelengths*:

  • Ultraviolet: (~385nm)
  • Violet: (~400nm) over 380mW/mm^2
  • Blue: (~455nm) over 440mW/mm^2
  • Green: (~520nm) over 120mW/mm^2
  • Lime-Green: (~545nm) over 440mW/mm^2
  • Yellow: (~595nm) over 80mW/mm^2
  • Orange-Red: (~625nm) over 250mW/mm^2
  • Deep Red: (~655nm) over 120mW/mm^2

*Other wavelengths from 365nm to Near Infrared, are available by request.

Technical Details: Prizmatix product page
Download Spec Sheetpdf-small.gif Optogenetics-LED-STSI

Key Features

  • Two independent LED light out of one SMA output
  • Fiberoptic SMA connector on front panel
  • High Power density at cannula's fiber tip following all connections
  • Unique large LED enables bilateral illumination with single LED and rotary joint for significant cost saving and without compromising power at implant tip.
  • Extremely low torque LED-compatible rotary joint suitable for even the smallest animals
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10 turns potentiometer
  • TTL input with Opto-isolator to eliminate ground-loop
  • Analog input (0-5V) for power control
  • USB control (optional)
  • Instant warm up time

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