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Prizmatix Fiber Optic Implants / Cannula for In-Vivo Optogenetics

  • Optogenetics Cannula with Sleeve and Fiber
  • Optogenetics Cannula with Sleeve
Cannula-1.25 /2.5


Prizmatix Implantable Fiber Optic Cannulae allow direct stimulation of target brain tissues in freely moving animals in Optogenetics experiments.

Each probe consists of a Zirconia ferrule accommodating a high NA silica optical fiber, protruding from Zirconia ferrule at desired length. The fiber is optically polished at both ends to ensure high quality optical coupling and reliability. All cannula components are biocompatible, implantable and non-metallic, making them NMR/MRI compatible.

The cannulas are available in two ferrules diameters: 2.5mm and lightweight 1.25mm for smaller animals such as mice.

Prizmatix Zirconia Mating Sleeves may be purchased separately.

Technical Details: Prizmatix Product Page
Download Spec Sheet: pdf-small.gifOptogenetics Cannula

Key Features

  • Zirconia ferrules - 2.5mm or lightweight 1.25mm outer diameter e.g. for mice.
  • Biocompatible and Implantable
  • Adheres to the cement fixing the cannula to the skull.
  • NMR compatible, no metallic components.
  • Polished ends.
  • Sterilizable- alcohol, ETO, autoclave (65°C/1 hour cure).
  • Electrically isolated.
  • Any required fiber length.

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