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Fiber Coupled LED for NMR Spectroscopy includes- Fiber Optic Cable

  • Mic-LED
  • BLCC-04 Back Panel
  • Fiber Coupling Adaptor


This configuration includes one controller and one fiber coupling adapter which can be used with various wavelength LEDs. The most popular configuration uses 445 and 365nm LEDs.

A long plastic fiber optic cable is included with an SMA connector on the LED side, and no connector on distal end. The fiber jacket on the distal end is stripped and the cladding removed to allow light to emit from the sides of the fiber for radial illumination.

This popular configuration for LED-NMR spectroscopy and was used in papers such as:


Contact us to discuss other possible configurations and fiber coupled LED products for NMR Spectroscopy.

Warning: Do not expose fiberoptic to vapors of chemical solvents or allow contact with chemicals that may melt the plastic fiber. Use clear coaxial sleeve inside of NMR tube to sheath fiber optic when in use. 


The following components are included in this System. Components may also be purchased individually.

Key Features

  • Numerous wavelengths available
  • Long life, no lamp replacement required
  • Expandable system – user can add excitation wavelengths to create multi-wavelength system
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10 turns potentiometer or Analog Input (0-5Vdc)
  • Fast triggering via TTL input (Rise / Fall time <5 μs)
  • Software control via USB  (optional)

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