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Prizmatix UHP-X-LED Ultra High Power Mounted LED Source

  • UHP-X Mounted Ultra High Power LED
  • UHP-G Back Panel
  • Mounted LED Source Front Panel
  • Mounted LED Source with SM1 Tube
  • Mounted LED Source with SM2 Tube
  • Mounted LED Source with 30mm Cage System
  • CTRL-F - Control unit for UHP-F (optional)



The UHP-X-LED is an advanced LED light source designed for laboratory-grade high-performance applications. It features an Ultra High Power Luminus Devices® LED mounted on a high-performance heatsink. With standard opto-mechanics the UHP-X is easy to customize and integrate into your optical set up.

There are no built it optics. So the UHP-X is ideal when you need just the LED and will handle all the optics yourself or when Prizmatix standard optics do not meet your requirements. The UHP-X is also a great solution when you need flexibility to try out different optics, such as 1 inch vs 2 inch lenses or lenses with different focal lengths.

Many other LEDs and wavelengths are available, contact us for details or special requests regarding wavelength or optics.


Optical Specifications: 

Power Output Table

Technical Details: Prizmatix product page


The following components are included in this system.

  • UHP-X Ultra High Power Mounted LED light source
  • • CTRL-F- Power Dial for UHP-F or UHP-X (optional)
  • Power adaptor and power cord
  • USB Interface Box (Optional) – Includes Software for Windows. Compatible with MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, LabView, Matlab, and other software that can send HyperTerminal commands.
  • RS232 Interface Box (Optional) - Operate with Win based software via RS232 link

Key Features

  • Single Chip Ultra High Brightness LED: The UHP-X-LED boasts an ultra-bright LED for optimal performance.
  • Simple Integration: Easily integrate the UHP-X-LED using standard SM1, SM2 threading or Thorlabs Cage systems.
  • Optically Isolated TTL and Analog Input: Ideal for creating fast pulses and precise power control.
  • Fast TTL Switching: Conveniently control strobe applications.
  • Remote Control via I²C: Adjust power levels through I²C or USB (requires a small interface module).
  • Application Software and API Support: Integrate seamlessly with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C++, and Python.
  • Low Optical Noise: Ensures clean and reliable illumination.


  • Custom optical setups
  • Custom-made microscopes and illumination setups
  • Large Area Illumination

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