High NA Fiber Optics for In-Vivo Optogenetics – The Options on Goldstone Scientific

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Quality fiber optic implants are crucial for successful in-vivo Optogenetics. Scientists will need to spend time or money (or both) to ensure quality results. Prizmatix offers a range of options and Goldstone Scientific makes it easy to order and offers competitive prices with bulk discounts and fast shipping to save you both. Many items are in-stock and ready to ship from our Michigan office.
Call us directly at 248-424-9390 if you have any questions about availability and ordering.

Here are the options you can choose from:

Ready Made Implants
Would you rather not bother making your own? Our ready-made cannulae are machined cleaved and polished for excellent quality and uniform results. A 15% discount is applied to orders of 20 or more implants, 100 or more are 25% off for even greater savings.

Uncleaved cannulae (Pack of 20)
Save time and money with these pre-assembled and polished cannulae. The fiber is pre-installed in the ceramic ferrule and the flush side is machine polished. All you have to do is cleave to the correct length. These are a great choice when you are not sure yet of the protrusion length that you will need.

Precleaved Fibers (Pack of 20)
Cleaving optical fibers is not easy, and imperfect cleaves will affect the power output of the fiberoptics. Our pre-cleaved fibers save you the hassle of cleaving and inspecting. All you have to do is glue the fiber into an empty ferrule and polish the flush side.

Raw Fibers & Empty Ferrules
For do-it-yourselfers. Our fibers have very high NA of 0.63 or higher and come in packs of fifty 10-12cm segments. We offer a variety of core diameters that allow you to take advantage of higher power that LEDs deliver with larger fibers.

DIY Implant Kit
The Prizmatix DIY Implant Kit, has everything you need to get started, including raw and pre-cleaved fiber, empty ferrules, basic tools and adhesive.

Our High NA optical fibers are LED and laser compatible. For more information about NA and how crucial it is for LED light sources see our blog posts  here and here.

Bulk discounts start at 10 packs and are as much as 20% off.
Core diameters we offer: 100um (NA=0.37) and 200, 250 (NA=0.66) and 500um (NA=0.63)
Our ferrules come in packs of 10 and can be uses with raw or pre-cleaved fiber.
Our standard 2.5 and 1.25mm sizes are competitively priced with discounts starting at 10 packs.

Hole diameters are:
230um for 200um fibers
290um for 250um fibers
510um for 500um fibers (special order, call for availability and lead time)
100, 200, 250, and 500um core with NAs as high as 0.66.

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