How to make your own fiberoptic implants for Optogenetics

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Goldstone Scientific offers the supplies you need to prepare your own fiber optic implants (“cannulae”) for In-Vivo Optogenetic experiments.

Prizmatix created this step-by-step video tutorial which shows you how to do it.

Written Instructions can be seen at:

The products used in the video are:

Additional supplies to save you time and increase the quality of your implants:

  • Pre Cleaved Fibers – saves you the step and ensures a quality cleave on one end of the fiber.
  • Uncleaved Cannulae – We do most of the work. All that needs to be done is to cleave it to the right length.

And for those of you who prefer someone else do this work, while you concentrate on Neuroscience, we offer ready-made implants. Quantity discounts start at just 10 implants.

Goldstone Scientific makes it easy to get Prizmatix supplies and can lower your costs with quantity discounts and special offers.

Take advantage of these promotions:

  • Buy 5 or more packs of ferrules and get a free pack of high NA optic fiber
  • Buy 10 or more packs of ferrules and get a 10% discount, plus free optic fiber.
  • Buy pre-cleaved fibers and get 25% off the price of empty ferrules.
  • 15-20% discount on pre-cleaved fiber when you purchase 5 or more packets.

Your shopping cart is updated automatically when you qualify for one of these offers.

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