Prizmatix UHP-T LED System for Electrophysiology Microscope

  • UHP-T-LED Collimated LED
  • UHP-T-LED with Fiber Adaptor
  • UHP-T-LED with Lightguide Adaptor
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED Controller
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED current controller back panel
  • UHPTLCC-02 LED current controller back panel with cables
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UHP-T-EP System

The Ultra High Power UHP-T-EP LED System is specifically designed to be compatible for Electrophysiology, with no EM noise on the cables. It includes a 2mm emitter for highest intensity and low divergence and is optimized for microscopes and fiber coupling.

High Brightness LEDs are part of the UHP-T-SR Product line and are recommended for microscopy and fiber coupled use and any applications needing highly intense light. Other UHP-T models will have more total power but lower mW per mm^2. Read more here.

Click here to learn more about the UHP-T Series and the difference between different models.

All of Prizmatix Microscope LED components are modular, and can be purchased individually or as part of a preconfigured system. This allows for customized and very flexible designs. It also can lower costs by purchasing more than one LED head to be shared with a single current controller.

The modular design allows you to combine LEDs to create a multi-wavelength light source at any time. The LED can also be easily connected to Fiber Coupler Adaptor and can be used with a full range of other components and accessories such as a Liquid Light Guide, Beam CombinerFilter WheelBeam Switcher and more.

For white light see our Electrophysiology compatible UHP-T White LED System

Power and Spectral Data:


The following components are included in this System. Components may also be purchased individually. 

Key Features

  • Easy connection to microscopes, fiberoptics or lightguides by simple adaptors
  • Optically isolated TTL input for external triggering (no shutter needed)
  • LED spectrum can be narrowed by optional band pass filter
  • Excellent for Electrophysiology and fluorescence excitation
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Computer control via USB and LabView software (optional)
  • Adjustable power by 10 turn dial or Analog 0-5v Input
  • Instant On/Off. Lifespan unaffected by frequent on/off cycling


  • Electrophysiology
  • Fluorescence Microscopy 

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