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Armored High NA Dual Optical Fiber for Bilateral Stimulation: Rotary Joint to Cannulae

  • Armor Optogenetics-Fiber-2x500
  • Dual Fiber Connects to a Rotary Joint
Core Diameter:


The Prizmatix Dual Optogenetics Fiber is a Y-Shaped fiber bundle which offers the option to activate two brain hemispheres simultaneously.
Flexible lightweight metal tubing protects the optical fiber from biting and clawing damage.

Dual Optogenetics Fiber

A 1000μm or 1500μm SMA-FC Fiber is coupled to the LED and connected to a rotary joint. The Prizmatix Dual Optogenetics Fiber connects to the joint’s spinning side. The two thinner fibers can then be connected to two separate ferrules. The light from the LED is divided equally between the two hemispheres without any loss of power.

Prizmatix provides a full range solution to optogenetics in-vivo and in-vitro fiber optics. Made of silica or polymer fibers, the high NA fibers are assembled to fit any research set-up with various combinations of connectors, ferrules, core diameters and lengths.

Contact us for customized solutions.

Key Features

  • Core Diameter: 500μm
  • Connectors: FC-Ferrule
  • Flexible lightweight metal protective tubing
  • Fiber length as required. Should allow movement in the enclosure without extra slack.

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