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Prizmatix Fiber Coupled Budget LED Starter Kit for Freely Moving Animals

  • FC-LED
  • Optogenetics In-Vivo Starter Kit Diagram
  • Rotary Joint
  • Optogenetics Fiber
  • Pulser - USB to TTL Interface
Budget LED Starter Kit


The Prizmatix Budget-LED Starter Kit contains everything you need to deliver light into implanted fiberoptic cannula to activate or inhibit neurons in in-vivo optogenetics experiments with freely moving animals.

The Budget Starter kit, includes the passively cooled Prizmatix FC-LED instead of the actively cooled Optogenetics-LED. Power level is a fraction of the Optogenetics-LED but is often enough for Optogenetics experiments. For bilateral activation Prizmatix engineers recommend the more powerful Optogenetics-LED.

The kit includes a Prizmatix FC-LED  light source,  triggered by external TTL input, fiber optics and an extremely low friction Rotary Joint..

The Budget-LED Starter Kit is available in:

  • Blue: ~455nm
  • Green: ~550nm
  • Lime-Green: ~545nm
  • Orange-Red: ~625nm

*Other wavelengths from 365nm to Near Infrared, are available by request.


The following components are included in this LED system. Components may also be purchased individually.

Optogenetics-LED Components

*Custom implantable cannulas optimized for LED should be ordered separately.

Key Features

  • Low Cost Passively cooled Prizmatix Silver-LED (FC-LED)
  • Extremely low torque LED-compatible rotary joint suitable for even the smallest animals.
  • Adjustable power by 10 turn dial or Analog 0-5v Input
  • TTL input with Opto-isolator to eliminate ground-loop
  • USB control (optional)
  • Instant warm up time

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