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Prizmatix UHP-T-DI LED Head

  • UHP-T-DI LED Head
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The UHP-T-DI LED head is included in each UHP-T-DI-LED system, but can also be purchased individually here.

The Ultra-High Power UHP-T-DI series features a large 3x3mm single emitter LEDs and high current drivers to deliver as much total power as possible in powerful square homogeneous collimated beam. They are ideal for direct illumination applications, when a lot of power is needed over a large area, such as machine vision and Petri dish illumination.

Prizmatix UHP-T series of modular, collimated LEDs come in a number of models. The differentiating factor is the emitter size, which affects the total power, the brightness (mw/mm^2) and divergence. Click here to learn more about the UHP-T series to find out which model is best for your application.

All of Prizmatix collimated LEDs are modular. Use the beam combiner modular to make  a multi-wavelength source, which can be configured to deliver light via a: microscope adapterfiber coupler adapter or liquid light guide adapter. Click here to see all available accessories.

This device is operated with: UHPTLCC-02 Current Controller

The LED current controller supports CW or pulsed operation via TTL trigger. The LED power can be controlled by 10 turn dial or via Analog input (0-5V).

Technical Details: 
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Key Features

  • Single square Ultra High Power LED chip (Not a LED array)
  • Optically isolated TTL input for external triggering (no shutter needed)
  • Optically isolated Analog input (0-5V) for LED power control by 0-5v input
  • LED spectrum can be narrowed by optional band pass filters or filter wheel
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Computer control via USB by Windows software, LabView VI or uManager (optional)
  • Stable precisely adjustable power
  • Instant On/Off. Lifespan unaffected by frequent on/off cycling


  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • In-Vitro Optogenetics
  • Microplate illumination, Petri dish illumination
  • Whole body imaging of small animals
  • Bio analysis
  • Machine Vision
  • OEM

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